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Tampa Tax Preparation by a CPA

Are you looking for information in Tampa on tax preparation by a CPA? There's information businesses should understand when seeking tax preparation services in Tampa.

Types of Tax Preparers In Tampa

There are different types of tax preparers to suit a myriad of individual and business tax needs. We want to equip you with the knowledge of the different types of tax preparers. This will help you choose the proper Tampa tax preparation by a CPA or otherwise. 

CPA Certified Public Accountant:

A CPA has invested the most time and money into their expert position. Certified public accountants are state licensed. They cover a broad range of account practices and services that have nothing to do with taxes. This could include full service monthly account management. They can represent you in issues like auditing and consult on tax laws that affect your business. Next to a business banker or lawyer relationship, a CPA is a great asset to your business network. CPA's are the smart choice for companies. They're qualified to prepare audited statements.

IRS Enrolled Agent:

An IRS enrolled agent, also called an EA, focuses on tax preparation. EA's are licensed by the federal government. The IRS offers the title of Enrolled Agent either to former employees or those that have passed an IRS exam that covers tax preparation. There is no educational component to this title beyond passing the exam.

Unlicensed Accountant:

Unlicensed accountants aren't required to have a degree in accounting to provide service. They may be individuals who excel at monthly bookkeeping but aren't required to be as "in the know" about current tax laws. While they may hold a certificate in accounting, it is not mandated. They're capable of tax preparation services yet, they're unable to represent you to the IRS. They prepare the tax forms and you file them yourself in most cases.

Advantages of Tampa Tax Preparation By a CPA

Tampa tax preparation by a CPA includes more than preparing tax forms. A CPA in Tampa can tell you how life changing events affect your taxes. Examples might be a birth, death, or a divorce. These things affect your tax status and a CPA can tell you what effect each change has.

Auditing happens everyday. A business can add "peace of mind" by having a CPA in place before these events ever happen. An experienced CPA is prepared to help you through it.

Tampa tax preparation by a CPA can give you added tax savings. Local and state taxes change and can affect your business and investments. A CPA helps you capitalize on these changes for added tax savings.

Certified public accountants are an important piece to running a great business. CPA's can offer advice on a variety of services outside of taxes. Because of this, they are a versatile asset to any business. Many business startups consult with CPA's prior to setting up their business structure. This helps them determine the best financial practices to use within their business.

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