I have been working with Cynthia Alloway for the past 7 years. My wife and I own a cosmetic laser company that desperately needed a structured process to handle our bookkeeping. Cynthia worked with us to organize all of our records and helped provide the guidance to better prepare for the following year. She has taught us the basic fundamentals that is needed to organize the complex paperwork needed for the CPA and IRS. Cynthia is now very familiar with our company and has the ability to process our yearly records in a very efficient manner. She has been the most consistent and reliable part of our business.

I was introduced to Tanya Higginbotham last year through Cynthia Alloway. My company was in need of a new CPA. In my first meeting with Tanya, I knew that she was a bright and ethical CPA. It took about two weeks for Tanya to understand my business. She asked all the right questions and educated us on the new accounting laws. Tanya was able to reconcile all my records in a very short amount of time. Her work was extremely professional and her rates were very fair.

Having the expertise of Cynthia Alloway and Tanya Higginbotham allows us the comfort level that our Accounting and bookkeeping are always under control. We are very confident that they will do what's right in the best interest of their clients. It has truly been our pleasure working with Cynthia Alloway and Tanya Higginbotham.

Khanh Trinh

Advanced Laser Center