Cynthia Alloway Managing Member


MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE:  Strategic Management & Analysis with emphasis in Small Business Operations, Budgets, Conflict Resolution, Loss Prevention, and Growth

QUICKBOOKS PRO ADVISOR:  Extensive background in implementation, remediation, utilization, and instruction in QuickBooks Pro/Premier, Enterprise Solutions, Point-of-Sale software. Current certifications and participation in the QuickBooks Pro Advisor program. Certifications in Quickbooks 2019 include Certified ProAdvisor for Online, Enterprise, and Desktop.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Business Presentations, Hands-On Training, Motivational, Time Management, Organizational Skills Development; Business & Personal Finance

FINANCIAL COUNSELING: Certified Financial Counselor with Dave Ramsey (Lampo) Group; Certified Budget Counselor with Crown Financial Ministries.


  • Implementation and ongoing QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise Solutions training and monitoring for over 200 small to medium sized businesses over a period of 10 years.
  • Intensive remediation of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for several multi-million dollar businesses including a 23 member civil engineering firm; an automotive industry contractor; and several non-profit organizations.
  • Performed internal audit and rebuild of accounting data for locally owned shopping plaza. During audit it was discovered that a subcontractor had embezzled over $25,000 from the business. Due to meticulous rebuilding of the data the owner was able to present a thorough legal case and subsequently recovered all missing funds from the thief.
  • Performed internal review of QuickBooks for large non-profit organization that suspected embezzlement of funds from general funds. It was discovered that there was no embezzlement but that the organization was in severe financial crisis due to poor management. Prepared and presented detailed PowerPoint financial presentation to board of trustees consisting of 18 board members and several administrators. Worked with organization over next 18 months to revamp the financial structure and established accountability and check and balance system. This work ultimately resulted in the renegotiation of a $4.5 million loan with more attractive loan terms and lowering cash outlay by over $15,000 per month.
  • Worked with family law attorney to computerize accounting and write fact findings for verification of income for litigated alimony case.
  • Worked with family law attorney and forensic accountant to create detailed financial affidavits for high profile divorce case.