Don’t Wait until Tax Season

An individual may choose a tax preparation firm with little notice or diligence, and may wait until near the filing deadline to choose an accounting or tax professional. If that person has a relatively simple situation, this may work out.

Small Business Taxes

If that individual is a small business owner, or if the entity involved is a corporation, then this is a sub-optimal strategy.

An accountant does more than prepare and file taxes. A well trained, licensed, CPA has the skills and knowledge to provide insight and understanding of complex financial situations and to help you make the best decisions from the beginning of the year and throughout. He or she is available for each opportunity you have, a professional with an outside perspective to ensure each financial decision is made with due diligence and consideration of all the complexities surrounding it.

Consulting a CPA during the initialization phase of your business can help you ensure you've chosen the best business structure for you, any partners you might have, and the long term profitability of you company.

A CPA can help you compile your monthly reports so you can get a better understanding of your cash-flow, what's coming in, and where it's going.

Quickbook Accounting Software

Accountability Team LLC can help you implement Quickbooks, train you and your employees in the proper use of Quickbooks, and remediate any issues that might be present in an existing Quickbooks setup.

Accountability Team LLC focuses on building a relationship with their clients, both as individual and business owners, helping them learn about and understand their tax burden and the overall health and direction of their finances.

Contact Accountability Team LLC now to get started.

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